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      1. Longling Road, Liangying Town, Chaonan District, Shantou City +86-754-85570071 85577009
        • General workers ADD:Shantou Recruitment number:10 Salary:3000 Deadline:2018/7/26

          General workers

          1. Female, height 1.6 meters or more, dignified instrument, good image quality, outgoing personality, strong communication skills, hard work and initiative; 
          2. Priority for English level 4 or above 
          3. Welcome new graduates.

        • Customer service specialist ADD:Shantou Recruitment number:2 Salary:3500 Deadline:2018/7/26

          Customer service specialist

          1) Proficient use of EXCEL data statistical analysis; 2) Putonghua standard, understand Cantonese priority; 3) Have certain communication skills, enthusiasm and patience; 4) Strong emotional adjustment ability, good tolerance to deal with different customer requirements.



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